Carla E. McConnell BA, CPSA. Formally trained as a painter and art educator, Carla works in a variety of media creating both very large and very small contemporary works. Subject matter varies greatly, often including human form. You may identify her style by strong design elements and vivid color. She stretches by incorporating simple form with detailed drawing.

The intent of this artist is to portray the mood of a certain place or situation, invoke emotional response, and hopefully healing. As one of the pioneers of modern mandala construction, Carla has taught this spiritual art for over 25 years, as well as other art forms.

Carla E. McConnell is a nationally exhibited and published artist; her work is included in numerous books and magazines. She is a Charter and Signature Member of The Colored Pencil Society of America and she has been an active member of the Grunewald Guild faculty for many years. Her work is part of private and corporate collections both in the US and abroad. Carla works at her studio in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, USA.